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Chloe Torres
I’m not an expert at all, but I was stubborn and insisted on trying to find ways to improve my site speed by myself. For months I was trying different plugins and things with very little improvement. I finally stumbled across this service, saw the price and the good reviews, and decided to give it a shot. I’m very pleased with the result. My site speed and metrics improved more than I expected, and this service was very fast and communicative. I would absolutely recommend Increase WordPress Speed to anyone, particularly to stubborn people like me who are trying to do it themselves when they can save themselves so much time and effort and get a far superior outcome by trusting an expert.
Chloe Torres Online Marketer
Aiden Johson
WOW, I can’t believe the results from this service. I had a few people who promised they could improve my website speed and none of them had delivered. I was very sceptical about using another service but saw the number of reviews that had been left. I jumped in and am so glad I did!!!! I had a few companies that quoted £750+VAT for 7 days of work but Increase WordPress Speed took my site from an E on speed test to an A in just a couple of hours. Communication was amazing the whole time. So unbelievably impressed with the level of service and affordable price! Use this service you will absolutely not retreat it, I’m still blown away and will be definitely using their services again!!!!!
Aiden Johson Director
Ashwin Gonzalez
5 Star Service. Very responsive and professional. Did several revisions and clarifications. These guys really know their stuff. I highly recommend them. My starting GTMetrix and PageSpeed scores were quite good: GTMetrix: 98 PageSpeed: 60 for Mobile; and 90 for Desktop While the score were good, the actual front end experience needed to be improved. These guys improved all the scores, but more importantly, they improved what GTMetrix and PageSpeed can’t really account for, the actual users’ experience of the speed of my site. So the team dug in and tweaked many things, optimized others and the site speed in Google Analytics was halved; and the perceived time the site loads increased.
Ashwin Gonzalez Online Agency

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Vivian van de Streek
Best experience I’ve ever had, worth every penny! The people at Increase WordPress Speed are incredible and their impeccable reputation is well deserved. My website initially took around ten seconds to load but now it loads in less than two. Furthermore, their communication makes any of their competitors look like amateurs. They’re patient, professional, helpful and an absolute joy to work with. No stress whatsoever. If you need to get something done on your WordPress site, go to Increase WordPress Speed. I’ll definitely be using their services again and have already recommended them to friends.
Vivian van de Streek Online Marketer
Landon Moore
We have used this service numerous times because this team does absolutely, incredible work. I was skeptical at first but when I took a chance and had them optimize a very visually rich site and saw them drop the load times from an average of 3.1 seconds down to 0.384 seconds, I was beyond blown away. Their workmanship, communication and delivery speed is top notch. Do not look any further when it comes to WordPress Speed optimization. These guys are the guys for the job!
Landon Moore Marketer
Evy Turner
Satisfied is an understatement. I love this company They are beyond incredible and the fact of the matter is that they go out of their way to make sure that they do everything to perfection. From start to finish, ensures that it executes its craft in the best way possible. This is why I work with them all the time. I have even recommended them to colleagues in my industry. That is how much I love this great company. Highly recommended if you have a problem with your website or if you want to have your site’s speed increased which is what makes this company so impeccable. They know their craft and they work their hardest to make sure their work is perfectly delivered.
Evy Turner Owner
Happy clients

Positive Customer Service Rating

Bodhi Young
Wow, what an amazing service! I’ve spent days trying to make my websites faster. What a waste of time! did it in 1 day and now the google page speed showed 100 for desktop and 97 for mobile. Can’t say enough! This service paid for itself easily. Buy this service and you will not be disappointed. Highly Recommended
Bodhi Young Online Communication Specialist
Saif Ahmad
OMG! There just isn’t enough stars! My website speed was terrible before worked their magic. Now I got a rocket ship. Thank you so much! If I ever need help again, I will use this company! They completed the job in half the time and are worth their weight in gold.
Saif Ahmad Adyem

Positive feedback from our clients

Kensara Rathnayake
Mind blown. I’ve never seen our site load so fast. Do yourself a favor and get things tight as a drum so your customers aren’t leaving without any engagement for the first few seconds. Lowered our cost per click considerably!
Kensara Rathnayake ING
Hannah Schmidt
Unbelievably good job! This was the best deal I have ever bought! They took my website from mobile/desktop 23/78 to 100/100! It’s just still amazing 😀 And yes, I am a real user with a real opinion. But I just didn’t think something like that was possible! Thanks!
Hannah Schmidt Freelancer
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