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Golden Speed Package

Website speed is the speed at which elements on web pages load or the speed at which web pages load as a whole. Because website speed is a big ranking factor, it is important to optimize the website in terms of speed. New research by Google has found that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds.

The importance of website speed

A fast site speed will result in a better user experience, while a slow site speed will result in a poor user experience. A user is typically staying on a site longer if the site speed is faster and they also convert better and bounce less. For those reasons, Google has made it an important ranking factor. We would increase your Google PageSpeed score 90+ for desktop and 70+ for mobile to rank higher on Google and get higher conversions.

High Website Speed = High Google Ranking

With our golden Website Speed package, we will increase your Wordpress speed to rank on Google and outperform your competitors.